Hanna Cho

Creator of the absolutely incredible short 'The Cook-Off', comic artists, illustrator, and more!  ... read more

Li Wen Toh

Creator of amazing shorts 'Desert Critters', 'Space Critters', and a lot more! ... read more

Kevin Olvera

Creator of the thrilling short 'Scrambled' and much more! ... read more

Katie Rose

Creator of the animated short 'The Secret of Wolf Lake Day Camp' and much more! ... read more

Zachary Onett

Composer on a range of animated shorts, theatrical productions, original tracks and more!  ... read more

Jackie Lee

Creator of the stunning short 'Open World' and more!  ... read more

Yvonne Hsuan Ho

Co-creator of the award-winning short 'Mausie and the Order of the Golden Sun' and more! ... read more

Montana Hall

Creator of award-winning short, 'Monster', and more! ... read more

Ruth Baraz

Creator of the beautiful short, 'BioTech', and more! ... read more

Ivan Viaranchyk

Creator of 'Night Shadows', designer, illustrator, and all-round inspiring artist ... read more

Paul Cardon

Award-winning musician, Composer, and Sound designer on a range of animated shorts and original compositions ... read more

Alexander Santa Cruz

Creator and animator of the incredible short, 'Labcoat', and more! ... read more

Kiernan Sjursen-Lien

Creator of the amazing short, 'Magnificent Menagerie', Illustrator, animator, comic book creator, author, poet, and more! ... read more