Mark Hamill Returns To Read More Trump Tweets As The Joker


Trump’s twitter feed may be one of the most infamous on the internet, but it is far from immune to the scrutiny of those emphasizing the near-villainous tone of his tweets. While many have highlighted such things through their own tweets, actor Mark Hamill has taken a more unique and rather unsettling route, voicing Trump’s polarizing tweets as animated counterpart, The Joker. 

Hamill has been voicing The Clown Prince since 1992 throughout a variety of Batman cartoons, video games and more, becoming one of the most popular actors to don the role. Returning to this role once again to voice Trump’s tweets, Hamill showcases the eery similarity between the white-faced Joker and the orange-faced clown. 

The most recent tweets to get the Trumpster treatment from Hamill are the ones that Trump posted about Congressman John Lewis, after Lewis publicly stated he would not attend Trump’s inauguration as the new U.S president. You can listen to Hamill’s rendition of Trump’s tweets in the Joker voice, below



Hamill has so far released three recordings, including Trump’s disastrously petty tweets following Meryl Streep’s speech at the 74th Golden Globes.


Hamill has suggested via twitter that we should expect more of these, and let’s hope he is not the only one to continue to emphasise the lunacy of Trump’s actions.