While you may believe that an animated project is completed by only a handful of people, it is in fact an intricate weaving of the immense talent and effort of an vast team. From the storyboard artists, to the writers, directors, background designers, animators, voice actors, sheet timers, art directors, illustrators, painters - each of this seemingly endless number of roles is integral to the production of the features and series that we all love so much. 

Perhaps even more surprising, however, is the incredible talent each of these people possess and how it extends to all aspects of their life to bring inspiration, insight, and unique skills that only further the quality of the production on which they work. 

Two to three new artists will be featured every week, and after meeting these artists and discovering just how much of themselves they put into their work, it will be hard to not gain a deeper appreciation for all of those involved, and to spend a little while longer admiring the names that roll when the animation completes. 



Patrick Seitz

Voice Artist, Writer, VO Director: ‘Sword Art Online’, ‘Steins;Gate’, ‘Monster’, ‘FMA’, ‘Ergo Proxy’, ‘Naruto’, ‘Hellsing’, ‘Summer Wars’, ‘Redline’, ‘Fire Emblem’, ‘Mortal Kombat’, ‘World of Warcraft’, ‘League of Legends’ and more! ... read more

J. Michael Tatum

Voice artist, Writer, Director of 'Black Butler', 'Hetalita', 'Ouran Highschool Host Club', 'FML', 'Steins;Gate', 'Baccano!', 'Future Diary', 'Tokyo Ghoul', 'Summer Wars', 'Divine Gate', 'Attack on Titan' 'Spice and Wolf', 'Eden of the East' & more! ... read more

Terri Doty

Voice Artist, Director, Writer from shows such as 'Hetalia', 'Assassination Classroom', 'RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne', 'Parasyte', 'Black Butler', 'Fairy Tail', 'Tokyo Ghoul' and more, and incredibly host of the hit podcast 'That Anime Show'! ... read more


Alex Moore

Voice artist on a range of productions including 'The Devil is a Part-Timer', 'Fairy Tail', 'Maria the Virgin Witch', 'Seraph of the End' and many more! ... read more

Chris Bennett

Creator, Writer, Animator, Voice artist of 'Alfred and Poe', 'Super Smosh' and much more! ... read more


Austin Tindle

Voice artist and Actor from series such as 'Tokyo Ghoul', 'Attack on Titan', 'No-Rin', 'Is This A Zombie', 'Assassination Classroom', 'The Boy and the Beast', 'Divine Gate', 'Ben-To', 'Fairy Tail' and much more! ... read more

Chloe Pierce

Creator of 'Prismosis', Illustrator, Animator, Comic Artist and more! ... read more

Todd Haberkorn

Actor and Voice Artist from an enormous range of series such as 'Fairy Tail', 'Legend of Korra', 'Sgt. Frog', 'Claymore', 'Attack on Titan', 'Tokyo Ghoul', 'Dragonball Z: Xenoverse', 'Summer Wars', 'Soul Eater', 'Sword Art Online', 'Fullmetal Alchemist', 'Tales of Xilia', and much more! ... read more

Abed Gheith

Writer, Actor, Creator, Director on productions such as 'Rick and Morty', 'Toon Wolf', 'The Sarah Silverman Project: Animated Webisodes' and much more! ... read more

Romney Caswell

Art Director at JibJab Studios, Design Supervisor on 'Clarence', Background Painter on 'Gravity Falls', and more! ... read more



Adam Rosette

Storyboard Artist, Writer, Painter, Creator on various shows such as 'The Mr Peabody and Sherman Show', 'The Powerpuff Girls Movie', 'Pickle and Peanut', 'Assy McGee' and much more!  ... read more

Ashleigh Beevers

Background designer on 'Suspect Moustache', Illustrator of wildly popular 'Curvy Princess' series, and much more! ... read more


Greg Rankin

Storyboard Artist, Martial Arts Coordinator, Comic Creator on shows such as 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', 'Dragons: Race to the Edge', 'Green Lantern: The Animated Series', 'The Fairly OddParents', 'T.U.F.F. Puppy', and more! ... read more

Roger Neill

Multi-award winning composer on projects such as 'King of the Hill', 'The Weekenders', 'Borderlands 2', 'Assassins Creed: Revelations', 'Darksiders 2','King Star King', 'Mozart of the Jungle', 'Mom', 'Beginners', as well as a range of Adult Swim productions, live action tv and film, musical theatre, commercials, orchestrations and more! ... read more

Alex Deligiannis

Color stylist on 'Pig Goat Banana Cricket', 'The Fairly Odd Parents', 'T.U.F.F. Puppy', co-creator of the graphic novel 'Hard Ei8ht' and more! ... read more

Thomas Borowski & Caroline Foley

Co-Creators of the hit new animated pilot, 'Toasty Tales' ... read more

Mitch Watson

Award-winning writer and executive-producer on numerous productions including 'All Hail King Julien,' Beware the Batman', 'Mystery Incorporated', 'Duckman', 'Catscratch' and more! ... read more

Richard Bailey

Storyboard Artist, Character Designer, Illustrator, and Animator on projects such as 'Lion King 1 11/2', 'Bambi II', 'Lilo and Stitch: Stich Has a Glitch', 'Brother Bear 2', 'Dogstar', 'Quads!', ' Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers' and more! ... read more


Cristina Driver

Creator of 'Forrest Folk', animator, illustrator, jewellery designer and more! ... read more


Mark Sheard

Director, educator, designer, and illustrator on projects including 'Suspect Moustache', 'Lil Elvis Jones', 'The Beach Crew', 'Jar Dwellers S.O.S.', 'Squirrel Away' and more! ... read more

Lindy Lou

Animator, illustrator, storyboard artist, and designer on a range of productions for Working Dog, Viskatoons, Ink Tales, Pom Pon Plants and more! ... read more